Welcome to Lamerton Parish Council

Lamerton is located 3 miles north-west of Tavistock, Devon.

The Parish Council offer a number of services including:

Lamerton Cemetery and details of the fees can be viewed here

Allotments where Lamerton Parish Council rent out the land with the allotments being run by the Lamerton Allotment Association. Anyone who is interested in finding out more or has any points to raise relating to the allotments can contact Shane Stanley, 01822 610275 or email shanemstanley@outlook.com  The allotment project started in 2009 and for more details on this and how it has evolved please read on.

Lamerton Sports and Community Centre where the land is owned by the Parish Council and leased to them.  The main contact for the centre is Kath Davey on 01822 615654.

The council is in the process of preparing a neighbourhood plan. The 2012 Localism Act gave new powers to Parish Councils to shape new development in the community.  The basis for this is the preparation and submitting a Neighbourhood Plan to establish the general planning policies the council would like to adopt for the development and use of land in the Parish.

Such a plan if and when approved by the District Council will allow us as a community to use neighbourhood planning to influence and permit the developments we want to see.

A fuller explanation of the Neighbourhood Planning process can be found by clicking visiting the Government Planning Portal.